Ravintola Ranta-Aitta 2022

Ravintola Ranta-Aitta

Ranta-Aitta is a small Summer restaurant located in the old warehouses along the river in Porvoo Old town. We serve Nikkei food in a relaxing atmosphere.


Karaage Chicken 

Crispy chicken with togarashi mayonnaise and pickled vegetables of the season.

7 € (incl. 14% VAT)

Lactose-free (L), Milk-free (M)

Almonds and vanilla 

A vanilla-almonds cake, roasted almond, vanilla mousse, juiced berries and Korean mint.

7 € (incl. 14 % VAT)

Gluten-free (G), Lactose-free (L)


Jokikatu 8


Social media: @porvoorestaurant