Osteria Locale 2022

Osteria Locale

Restaurant Locale is a meeting place of the citizens both at lunchtime and in the evening. It is located in Loviisa at the marketplace straight along the entrance to the town. This large property was built in 1859 and has because of its central location already in the past been a commercial meeting place of people. Restaurant Locale focuses on a sense of community, strong local background and a cozy Italian atmosphere in which you can enjoy with friends, family or just by yourself alone, however, not feeling lonesome. Our friendly personnel and the presence of local people take care that everyone feels comfortable.


Teiras Hereford bulgogi 

Teiras Hereford bulgogi, salad made of Autumn leek and carrots with sesame seed.

5 € (incl. 14 % VAT)

Gluten-free (G), Lactose-free (L), Milk-free (M), Egg-free (EF)

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Crispy vendace & Loviisa apple 

Vendace, pickled apple, fermented chili oil aioli.

5 € (incl. 14 % VAT)

Lactose-free (L), Milk-free (M), Egg-free (EF)

Cabbage in three ways & kimchi mayonnaise 

Grilled Summer cabbage, roasted kale, marinated cauliflower & kimchi mayonnaise.

5 € (incl. 14 % VAT)

Gluten-free (G), Lactose-free (L), Milk-free (M), Vegetarian (V)

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