Loviisan Seurahuone 2022

Loviisan Seurahuone

Loviisan Seurahuone is a restaurant that can be transformed into multiple purposes and used for versatile events. Here you can celebrate weddings, gala dinners, arrange concerts and get together for any other purpose with an even bigger group.These historical premises enable the use of various purposes there.


Grav-styled whitefish with mint and sugar & sorrel

served with marinated turnip and buttermilk dressing seasoned with sorrel.

5 € (incl. 14 % VAT)

Gluten-free (G), Lactose-free (L)

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Duck terrine & red beet

Duck terrine made of duck leg, breast and liver and served with red beet puré and duck jus.

7 € (incl. 14 % VAT)

Gluten-free (G), Lactose-free (L)

Red currant & Caramel Red currant mousse

marinated red currant, caramel crumble and braised red currant.

5 € (incl. 14 % VAT)

Gluten-free (G), Lactose-free (L)

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