Haikko Bistro & Cafe 2022

Haikko Bistro & Cafe

Haikko Bistro is a casual meeting place in Haikko Spa Hotel. We serve delicious salads, warm dishes as well as salty and sweet snacks in a relaxed atmosphere.


Blueberry pie with sour cream and nut crumbles

This pie is baked with wholegrain rye flour from Malmgård farm, filled with blueberry jam, served with sour cream dressing flavored with a bit of vanilla and lemon and crispy crumbles, decorated with flowers from our own garden.

5 € (incl. 14 % VAT)

Lactose-free (L), Egg-free (EF), Vegetarian (V)


Haikkoontie 114


Social media: @haikkobistro