Bistro Gustaf 2022

Bistro Gustaf

Paris in Porvoo, located in a historical property of an old pharmacy in the center of Porvoo. A bistro with an easygoing atmosphere, inspired by French cuisine. Besides the French classics on our menu the annually run special theme weeks – such as shellfish, asparagus and blinis – have been very popular among our customers. You can enjoy your meal on our sunny terrace, too.


Pike quenelles with crayfish sauce and fleurons of puff pastry dough

Quenelles de brochet sauce Nantua et fleurons. Quenelle de Lyon is a traditionally cooked fish ball made of pike. It represents the culinary jewels of the Rhône-Alpes region. Traditionally the quenelles are served in crayfish sauce or crayfish consommé. Additionally fleuron, made of puff pastry dough, is served in this dish. The name fleuron comes from its flower shape.

5 € (incl. 14 % VAT)

Lactose-free (L)

Caramel -pot de crème, lingonberry compote, oat crunchies and thyme meringue

Petit pot de caramel, confiture d'airelle, croustillants aux flocons d’avoine et meringue au thym. Pot de crème is a French dessert vanilla sauce from the 17th century. This dish we dress with caramel and serve with lingonberry compote, oat crumbles and thyme meringue.

7 € (incl. 14 % VAT)

Gluten-free (G), Lactose-free (L)


Mannerheiminkatu 9

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