Bistro & Butik Kronan 2022

Bistro & Butik Kronan

Kronan was born from its owner’s love for her hometown Loviisa and for the profession where one can create pleasant and enjoyable moments at food and beverage to the customers. Bistro Kronan offers carefully prepared food respecting tradition and cooking of Nordic and continental cuisine. Kronan is located at Aleksanterinkatu 2, a few steps from the marketplace.


Toast Skagen

Our Toast Skagen respects the original recipe of the Swedish cook Tore Wretman in the 1950s, however with a bit of our own touch. In Bistro you can have Toast Skagen either as entré or main course.

5 € (incl. 14 % VAT)

Milk-free (M)

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Ulrika’s temptation

Ulrika’s temptation is a heavenly mixture of cream cheese, meringue, roasted white chocolate and fresh berries.

5 € (incl.14 % VAT)

Gluten-free (G), Lactose-free (L)

Krona’s Dutch cheese platter

Bistro Krona’s cheese tastes delicious either on a sandwich or cheese platter. For you we have chosen Stompetoren belegen – a four months matured gouda, Noten melange – a nut cheese and Royal Blue – the crown of our cheese assortment, a 14 months matured gouda. All this served with our fig jam.

7 € (incl.14 % VAT)

Gluten-free (G)

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Aleksanterinkatu 2
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